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Am I on the right career path?

Career choices can be confusing and complicated — so it’s important to have an expert coach who can help you reach your goals.

How can I grow my business?

Starting and running a business is hard. Imagine the difference it would make if you could reach out to functional experts who could guide you through the various hurdles you face

How can I lead a life with purpose?

The boundary between your personal life and professional life are getting increasingly blurred – How can you identify and manage your priorities to lead a fulfilled and productive life?

Acquire New Skills, Improve Visibility, Unlock Opportunities

Professionals lose out on opportunities because they lack the necessary skills to manage unfamiliar situations or they are unable to promote themselves effectively. Yooniko is a marketplace of professional coaches, services and tools to help you achieve your goals and objectives through personalized advice provided by a curated network of professional coaches. Yooniko will help you:

Learn New Business Skills

Starting a new business (OR) seeking to grow – Get coached by experts in Marketing, Sales, HR, Operations and Customer Support.

Find a New Job

Seeking employment or re-entering the workforce – Define goals, review strategies, create and perfect your resume and sharpen your interviewing skills.

Enhance Work Performance

Assess current status, define goals / objectives, monitor progress and course-correct as required.

Uncover your Strengths

Find out what you offer that no one else does - and develop it further.

Navigate Opportunities

Drive and manage change, build highly productive teams, manage time effectively and thrive in challenging situations.

Inspire Yourself and Others

Realize and act on your potential — and gain control on how you're perceived.